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Nalu Botanicals is a Hawaiian cannabinoid company, currently focusing on Cannabidiol (CBD) derived from Hawaiian grown, sustainably cultivated, raw hemp flower and Endo-Key, a mix of 20 cannabinoids from multiple plants.

Nalu Botanicals was founded by medical entrepreneurs who have developed medical cannabis knowledge and services into a comprehensive care system. This system is designed so that it may be efficiently implemented in either medical or adult use dispensaries providing them with client-oriented services and technologies. Nalu is poised for rapid growth in the Alternative Medical Cannabis and Hemp products industry.

Nalu Botanicals is comprised of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, financial experts, legal and business specialists, and lastly cannabis professionals serving as carriers of intellectual property and consultants to the industry.


The founder of Nalu felt it was imperative to share our technologies and information with the world, with the intent of changing the health system world-wide, permanently. These formulas will allow individuals to experience the positive aspects of medical cannabis, without the psychoactive side effects they might not desire. It also allows consumption without having to consume potential contaminants when smoking.


Nalu has taken the consultative position in the cannabis and hemp industry. This model can be replicated in individual states, creating a valuable, scalable model poised for growth. Nalu has already secured a 23,000-square foot location in central Oregon for The Hawaiian Seed Company and The Hawaiian Extraction Company to create Endo Key products for the entire state of Oregon. Nalu has also created its first two models outside of Oregon, located in Tri-Cities, Washington and Santa Rosa, California.


The Nalu Botanicals launch will occur in Washington, January of 2019; Kennewick, Oregon in June of 2019; Santa Rosa, California in the second quarter of 2019. Nalu Botanicals is currently awaiting the patent approvals of the cannabis formulas that have been in development over the past 25 years. The Endo-Key formula is strain dependent, being the reason it is so important to have legal protection prior to launch.

Please input your contact information below and we will update you on the specific dispensaries that will be distributing our products in both Oregon and California.

Nalu Botanicals has created what we call the Endo-Key Formula; short for Endocannabinoid key. We call this amazing creation the Endo-Key because the mystery cannabinoids bond to additional receptors in the Endocannabinoid system beyond that of THC-Delta-9 and CBD. Additionally, this is a non-psychoactive experience keeping the mind clear and the body clean while still utilizing the most important benefits of medical cannabis.

This formula was tested by a licensed Oregon Laboratory and revealed no CBD or THC-Delta-9 in the results. This formula does have a small amount of THCA and a very unique spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids. Nalu Botanicals is pursuing an Oregon Research Certificate, as additional research is needed to discover exactly what other active cannabinoids are being accepted by the endo-cannabinoid system beyond CBD and THC.

Our Endo-Key formula begins with the cleanest, non-pesticide, raw product possible. Nalu Botanicals contracts Hawaiian Seed Company to grow the necessary strains for the patent pending formula. Hawaiian Seed Company grows the Endo-Key proprietary strains utilizing water-only organic soil technology.  Their beyond-organic, indoor, top-shelf flower has the cleanest, high-yielding sub-cannabinoid, bioflavonoids, and terpene counts that we have seen yet. Furthermore, the consistency of HSC’s grow methods ensure a standardized raw product for every Nalu Botanicals product run.

This top-shelf flower is extracted without using heat or solvents, resulting in our revolutionary compound that we call the Endo-Key base. This base is now ready to be infused into MCT oil, confectionary mints, sublingual tinctures, and sprays, currently our four main products. Our professionals, with years of compounding experience, have created blending methods that are scalable and consistent. This process standardizes the end products, so that our users have access to a product that is perfectly consistent.


  • Endo-Key Topical Oil

    Endo-Key Topical Oil is made with our Endo-Key Formula, infused in MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil. MCT oil has skin absorption benefits such that a small amount is rapidly passed through the skin with each application leaving no greasy or oily residue for the user. It has a rapid onset, with the longest duration of effect of all our products.

  • Endo-Key Mints

    Endo-Key Mints are a confectionary sugar mint designed for buccal/oral absorption of the formula, with an orange base to stimulate salivary expression for the user. This delivery system is designed for a slightly slower absorption, however it has a longer acting effect, as well as a pleasant taste.

  • Endo-Key Tincture

    Endo-Key Tincture is a glycerin-based tincture with the formula enfolded into the base, such that the delivery is sublingual and at the dose discretion of the user. The slightly sweet glycerin is non-glycemic and can be used by those concerned about the sugar in our mint product.

  • Endo-Key Spray

    Endo-Key Spray is an elegant delivery system for rapid oral/buccal absorption and therefore a rapid onset of effect. The base is glycerin with a hint of mint and rose, a combination appreciated by the volunteers who tested the flavoring.

Where to get Nalu Products

Our signature Endo-Key Products will be available in Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, and California in 2019. In the meantime check out product reviews!

Please input your contact information below and we will update you on the specific dispensaries that will be distributing our products in both Oregon and California.

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